The pressure is gone

Couple, aged 35 and 44, Küsnacht (Switzerland)

‘I’m feeling relieved and happy. My husband is very motivated and optimistic as well. The pressure is gone and I am surprised at how well I am feeling. Since the last session I also have a better picture in mind of us having a baby. Those pictures arrive spontaneously and I am feeling very happy. I can feel that I am on a good way now and that I am being myself again.’

Focus on positive outcome

Physiotherapist, 28, French/New Zealander (Singapore)

‘Thank you very much for such a positive relaxation session. I am currently pregnant with my second child in a foreign country and I really enjoyed your ability to make me relax and visualize what I want out of my birth experience and what weighs me down.

Thanks to you I have been able to focus more on the positive outcome I wish and worry less about external factors. My sleep has been greatly improved thanks to you. I highly recommend your method to women of all paths of life.’

Mental Relaxation

Couple, aged 39 and 42, Lucerne (Switzerland)

‘I would like to tell you once again how incredibly grateful I am for your “support“ during the time I desired for a baby! I can’t thank you enough for your professional, kind and good work. I felt very comfortable during our sessions and in my point of view the emotional companionship was a critical success factor to our baby arriving at this point in time.‘

I am going to warmly recommend you to all of my close friends who wish to have a baby. It‘s hard for me to express my luck in words, I am so happy that after almost 2 years of hoping and trembling, I am finally pregnant!!’

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Gaining serenity

Law Professional, 37, French (Singapore) 

‘I had a very interesting session with Tanja. She helped me visualise a smooth delivery and get rid of anxiety regarding my son's first three months. I kept this optimistic state of mind and regularly, when relaxing, I decide to go back to this positive thinking. It was really worth doing it. I feel my baby is calmer, I gained in serenity.‘