“The DESIRE to have a child is one of the most powerful instincts we identify with. Our whole BEING is geared towards reproduction.”

Having children is omnipresent in our society and is taken for granted. Even though today we are empowered to decide about the majority of all steps in our life, the ideal biography of education/career, marriage, start of a family etc. are still deeply anchored in our minds. If you are unable to have your own family, feelings of failure may appear.

Being a woman, it is even more difficult to escape this topic. At least once a month the beginning of the menstrual cycle confronts you with the fact that an insemination has not taken place. Whilst your best friends and relatives seem to easily become pregnant, this seemingly

unnecessary waiting for a child can be a tough ordeal. Men are also not spared from such feelings. They are suffering too ie if the quality of their sperm turnes out to be poor or if their partner is not feeling well.

Those feelings are often paired with the withdrawal from the social environment. «Do you have children?» For many couples this becomes the most feared question during their time of fertility problems. This is because they also know how they are going to respond – either snappishly or with tears – emotional embarrassment is hard to avoid.

With our coaching we support you in the following areas:

Improved ability to deal with the fertility topic:
We support you in being able to cope better with the negative effects of a fertility problem. Our aim is to help you manage your situation and to gain new perspectives on your desire to have a child. In this relation, our key topics are:
  • Replacing stress with relaxation
  • Regaining the inner balance and activating your own resources
  • Recovering trust in your own mind and body
  • Identifying and reducing anxieties
Increasing fertility:
Our support is focused on increasing your chances of fertility by:
  • Informing you in detail about fertility
  • Reducing stress
  • Loosening subconscious blockades
  • Accompanying medical procedures
  • Supporting the regulation of your menstrual cycle
Companionship during medical procedures:
We are specialised in providing emotional companionship during the following medical procedures:
  • Stimulation of hormones and insemination
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF/ICSI-procedures)
Saying goodbye to the desire to have a child:
Sometimes, it can be necessary to say goodbye to the desire to have a child. This is a rather seldom case, but still part of our scope of work.
Companionship for issues related to the pregnancy:
This mostly means dealing with losses in case of aborts or still births but also accompanying you during your first weeks of pregnancy.

During our consulting sessions we usually work with a mix of different methods such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching tools, clinical hypnotherapeutic approaches as well as self-help tools. In many cases we work closely with specialists in reproductive medicine. Mostly, the ideal mix of medicine and emotional coaching is our guarantee for success.